HPLC-systems and HPLC-valves

, a german company founded in 1984, well known for modular HPLC systems and one of the world leading suppliers of dedicated Amino Acid Analyzers based on cation-exchange chromatography with post-column derivatisation. At the beginning of 2010 Sykam introduced a complete range of manual- and motorized HPLC-valves. With excellent quality and compatibility with many of the Rheodyne HPLC valves the Sykam valves are an economical and welcome alternative to the market. The Sykam HPLC-instruments and valves are well recognized as reliable, robust and affordable equipment, Made in Germany! The continuous research and development resulted in further expansion of the product line with a new additional series of compact routine and research HPLC-Systems introduced in 2012

The HPLC progam includes a range of analytical and preparative HPLC pumps with steel or PEEK pumpheads. Quaternary low pressure gradient pumps, isocratic and high-pressure gradient pumps can be used as stand alone modular units or fully computer controlled by the DataApex Clarity Chromatography Data Handling and Control software.

A range of detectors, autosamplers and HPLC-switching valves complete the HPLC program.

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