ReliZyme™ and Sepabeads™ EC Carriers for Enzyme Immobilizations

The use of enzymes represents a well known and consolidated advantage compared to the conventional chemical processes, as demonstrated by some meaningful green industrial applications in both pharma and food areas. But often, denaturing caused by the operational conditions like solvent effect and mechanical shear forces prohibits recovery of enzymes from reaction solutions. Furthermore, separation of enzymes from substrates and products are in general difficult. Considering these aspects, enzyme immobilization represents a solution that allows overcoming such difficulties.

The general advantages of immobilizing enzymes to a solid support:

  • Multiple or repetitive use of a single batch of immobilised enzymes.
  • Ability to rapidly stop the reaction by removing the immobilized enzyme from the reaction solution (or vice versa).
  • Immobilization allows the use of higher enzyme concentrations in the reaction environment.
  • Possibility to apply continuous processes in CSTR reactors as well as fixed or expanded bed column reactors.
  • Increased operational stability.

For further general information, download the ReliZyme™ & Sepabeads™ EC Brochure below.

ReliZyme™ and Sepabeads™ EC can be purchased here at Biokal.

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ReliZyme™ and Sepabeads™ EC Immobilization Mechanisms
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