Activated agaroses for affinity chromatography with user’s choice of ligands

Simple Coupling Procedures at Room Temperature. Stable at Room Temperature in Aqueous Solution and at Neutral pH. Suitable for Coupling of Ligands Containing Sulphydryl, Amino or Hydroxyl Groups.

  • WorkBeads™ 40 ACT have an exclusion limit of 1200kD.
  • WorkBeads™ 40/10000 ACT have an exclusion limit of 10000kD, suitable for very large molecules, ideal for coupling immunoglobulins. 

The technical datasheet can be downloaded on the lower left side of this page or in the download section of this website.

See product list and ordering information below:

Art.Nr.DescriptionMeanparticle sizeExclusionlimitVolumePrice €
40.400.001WorkBeads 40 ACT401200kD50ml255,–
40.400.003WorkBeads 40 ACT401200kD300ml995,–
40.400.010WorkBeads 40 ACT401200kD1000mlinquire
40.400.050WorkBeads 40 ACT401200kD5000mlinquire

40.450.001WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT4010.000kD50ml325,–
40.450.003WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT4010.000kD300ml1175,–
40.450.010WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT4010.000kD1000mlinquire
40.450.050WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT4010.000kD5000mlinquire
Prices net price excluding VAT, FOB Benelux, prices valid for Benelux countries only.