High Throughput Agarose Media for Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) and capture of His-Tagged proteins

WorkBeads™ 40 IDA gels are activated and a chelator is coupled according to the Bromohydrin method. This method gives rise to a spacer arm between the agarose backbone and the attached chelator. WorkBeads™ 40 Ni are WorkBeads™ IDA preloaded with Ni-ions and are specifically designed for capture of His-tagged proteins.

  • WorkBeads™ 40 Ni (iminodiacetic acid, Nickel-preloaded). Protein capacity >60mg/ml
  • WorkBeads™ 40 IDA (Iminodiacetic acid).
  • WorkBeads™ 40 TREN ( tris(2-ethylaminoethyl)amine)

The WorkBeads™ 40 IDA / TREN and WorkBeads™ 40 Ni datasheets can be downloaded on the lower left side of this page or in the download section of this website. Ordering information: table below.

Art.Nr.DescriptionMean particle       size (µm)Functionalgroup      Metal ion     capacityVolumePrice €
40.650.001WorkBeads 40 Ni40IDA-Ni40-50 µeqv Ni2+/ml25ml
40.650.003WorkBeads 40 Ni40IDA-Ni40-50 µeqv Ni2+/ml150ml
40.650.040WorkBeads 40 Ni40IDA-Ni40-50 µeqv Ni2+/ml1000mlinquire

40.601.001WorkBeads 40 IDA high40IDA40-50 µeqv Cu2+/ml25ml
40.601.003WorkBeads 40 IDA high40IDA40-50 µeqv Cu2+/ml150ml
40.601.010WorkBeads 40 IDA high40IDA40-50 µeqv Cu2+/ml1000mlinquire
40.601.050WorkBeads 40 IDA high40IDA40-50 µeqv Cu2+/ml5000mlinquire

40.602.001WorkBeads 40 IDA low40IDA10-20 µeqv Cu2+/ml25ml
40.602.003WorkBeads 40 IDA low40IDA10-20 µeqv Cu2+/ml150ml
40.602.010WorkBeads 40 IDA low40IDA10-20 µeqv Cu2+/ml1000mlinquire

40.603.001WorkBeads 40 TREN high40TREN50-60 µeqv Cu2+/ml25ml
40.603.003WorkBeads 40 TREN high40TREN50-60 µeqv Cu2+/ml150ml
40.603.010WorkBeads 40 TREN high40TREN50-60 µeqv Cu2+/ml1000mlinquire

40.604.001WorkBeads 40 TREN low40TREN10-20 µeqv Cu2+/ml25ml
40.604.003WorkBeads 40 TREN low40TREN10-20 µeqv Cu2+/ml150ml
40.604.010WorkBeads 40 TREN low40TREN10-20 µeqv Cu2+/ml1000mlinquire
Prices net price excluding VAT, FOB Benelux, prices valid for Benelux countries only