Size Exclusion

WorkBeads™ 40 SEC size exclusion media for Preparative and Bioprocess Scale Purification of Proteins.

  • WorkBeads™ 40 SEC have an exclusion limit of 1200kD
  • WorkBeads™ 40/100 SEC have an exclusion limit of 150kD
  • WorkBeads™ 40/10000 SEC have an exclusion limit of 10.000kD for separation of very large proteins and virus particles.

Technical data sheets and application notes can be downloaded on the lower left side of this page or in the download section of this website. Ordering information: table below. 

Art.Nr.DescriptionMeanparticle sizeExclusionLimitSize /VolumePrice €

40.300.001WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC401200 kD25ml113,–
40.300.003WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC401200 kD300ml737,–
40.300.010WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC401200 kD1000mlinquire
40.300.050WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC401200 kD5000mlinquire

40.340.001WorkBeads 40/100 SEC40150 kD25ml123,–
40.340.002WorkBeads 40/100 SEC40150 kD300ml760,–
40.340.010WorkBeads 40/100 SEC40150 kD1000mlinquire
40.340.050WorkBeads 40/100 SEC40150 kD5000mlinquire
40.350.001WorkBeads 40/10.000 SEC4010.000 kD25ml122,–
40.350.002WorkBeads 40/10.000 SEC4010.000 kD300ml753,–
40.350.010WorkBeads 40/10.000 SEC4010.000 kD1000mlinquire
40.350.050WorkBeads 40/10.000 SEC4010.000 kD5000mlinquire
Prices net price excluding VAT, FOB Benelux,  prices valid for Benelux countries only.