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Resindion Logo, based in Binasco (Milan), Italy is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) supplying a wide range of chromatography media, industrial ion-exchangers and adsorption resins. As early as 1948 Mitsubishi started with the production of the world wide known brand of DIAION™ resins. Since the acquisition of Resindion in 1986 by MCC, there has been a strong development program that resulted in a product range covering analytical chromatography from small biomolecules up to industrial scale purification of large biomolecules and a comprehensive range of enzyme immobilisation resins for biocatalysis applications.

  • ReliSorb™ chromatography media for protein purfications for IEX, HIC and IMAC. Available with three bead sizes with an average bead size of 90, 150 or 300µm. ReliSorb™ resins are available from small volumes for laboratory use up to multi cubic meter volumes for industrial scale purifications while maintaining economical feasibility. Economical feasibility is maintainted even if the target molecule is of relative low added value as is often the case in food-industries.
  • Sepabeads™ is a range of adsorption resins. Sepabeads™ are DVB/Styrenic resins and methacrylic resins widely used in refining of pharmaceuticals and natural extracts.
  • ReliZyme™ is a range of enzyme immobilisation beads based on modified methacrylates with  different porosities and  a range of activated (short and long spacer) ligands, available from small pack-sizes for laboratory use up to economical feasible industrial volumes.
  • ReliChrom™ is a range of  low cost chromatography columns optimized for protein purifications. The ReliChrom™ columns are packed with the ReliSorb™ 90µm resins and are available as strong and weak ion-exchangers (IEX), hydrophobic interaction (HIC) and metal affinity chromatography columns (IMAC – IDA).

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Supplying a wide range of chromatography media, industrial ion exchangers & adsorption resins

Resindion Logo

Designing, developing and manufacturing of innovative process chromatography media & columns

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Analytical & preparative HPLC systems & valves, ion chromatography systems, dedicated amino acid analyzers

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