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Biokal Labsystems offers the Sykam S 433 amino acid analyzer with a range application specific columns, eluents and reagents. The owner and founder of Biokal Labsystems, Arie Kant, has over 25 years of international experience with sales and services for amino acid analyzers. With in-depth knowledge of most of the available amino acid analyzers in the market, Biokal Labsystems supports classical amino acid analysis with services, reagents and columns as well as user trainings. Sykam GmbH, based in Eresing, Germany, develops and produces amino acid analyzers since 1984. With hundreds of instruments installed around the world, Sykam is a major supplier offering classical amino acid analyzers including ready to use buffers, reagents and columns for physiological fluids and food/feedstuff hydrolysate analysis.

Classical amino acid analyzers, based on cation-exchange chromatography followed by post-column derivatisation with Ninhydrin, are recognized since many years for accurate and reproducible results for physiological fluids and food/feedstuff hydrolysate analysis. In case of food and feedstuff analysis classical amino acid analyzers are compliant with the EU Commission Directive 98/64/EC describing cation-exchange chromatography followed by post-column derivatisation with Ninhydrin.

However, since about the last 20 years there has been only little technical and chromatographic development for most of the available amino acid analyzers while at the same time costs of the analyzers, operation and maintenance, have significantly increased. Sykam and Biokal Labsystems challenge that situation by proposing the Sykam S 433 amino acid analyzer.

S 433 Amino Acid Analyzer

The Sykam S 433 amino acid analyzer incorporates sophisticated HPLC-pumps for buffer and reagent delivery and a high quality post-column derivatisation and detection system. Together with ready made buffers, columns and reagents the S 433 analyzer offers: 

  • High Resolution separations, as  for instance, illustrated by the extended physiological analysis program. 
  • Stable, low noise baseline without any so called “buffer steps”.
  • Low operational and maintenance costs.
  • Expert support on chromatographic and sample related issues.

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S 433 Buffers


Amino Acid Analyzer

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