DIAION™ and Relite™

A comprehensive range of ion exchange resins manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Resindion serving the Food and Feed Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Water Treatment and Technological Industries.

See an overview of the DIAION™ and Relite™ ion exchange resins below. For further general information, download the DIAION™ brochure on this page. For more detailed information, testing samples or technical advise please contact Biokal directly.

Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange resins:

  • DIAION® SK series (gel type)
  • DIAION® PK series (porous type)
  • DIAION® RCP 160M (highly porous type)

Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resins:

  • DIAION® SA10A series (type I), SA20A series (type II) (gel type)
  • DIAION® PA300 series (type I) (porous type)
  • DIAION® HPA25 (type I) (highly porous type)
  • DIAION® PA400 series (type II) (porous type)

Weakly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins:

  • DIAION® WK10 series (Methacrylic type)
  • DIAION® WK40L (Acrylic type)

Weakly Basic Anion Exchange Resins:

  • DIAION® WA10 series (Acrylic type)
  • DIAION® WA20, WA21J (Polyamine type)
  • DIAION® WA30 (Dimethylamine type)

Gel type Uniform Particle Size Ion Exchange Resins:

  • DIAION® UBK series (gel type)
  • DIAION® UBA series (gel type)

Cation Exchange Resins for Industrial Chromatography:

  • DIAION® UBK500 series (gel type)

Low-odor, Low-elution Anion Exchange Resins:

  • DIAION® SAF11AL, SAF12A (gel type)
  • DIAION® PAF308L (porous type)
  • DIAION® WA30C (highly porous type)

Chelating Resins:

  • DIAION® CR11 (Iminodiacetate type)
  • DIAION® CR20 (Polyamine type)
  • DIAION® CRB03, CRB05 (Glucamine type)

Relite® Ion-Exchange resins:

  • Relite® Anion Exchange resins
  • Relite® Cation Exchange resins
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