Ion Chromatographs

Ion-Chromatography is a well established ion-exchange chromatography technique for the analysis of anions and cations. In contradiction to what chromatographers would call  a “general HLPC-system” suitable for a wide range of applications, Ion-chromatographs are chromatography systems specifically adapted for the analysis of anions and cations.

Metal-free flow-paths, conductivity detection and ion-suppression of the eluent ions are a few of the specific necessities to enable reliable chromatographic analysis of anions, cations, organic acids, transition metals and amines.

The Sykam S 150 ion-chromatograph is a modular ion-chromatography system adaptable to the users needs.

The Sykam S 155 ion-chromatograph is a basic integrated tabletop ion-chromatograph with manual injection only.

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