Sykam Logo, a german company founded in 1984, well known for modular analytical and preparative HPLC systems, Ion-Chromatography systems, HPLC-valves and, one of the world leading suppliers of dedicated Amino Acid Analyzers based on cation-exchange chromatography with post-column derivatisation. The Sykam HPLC-instruments are well recognized as reliable, robust and affordable equipment, made in Germany. The continuous research and development resulted in three series of HPLC sytems. The routine HPLC S 500 series, the top of the line research HPLC S 600 series and the S 700 preparative HPLC series.

The HPLC progam includes a range of analytical and preparative HPLC pumps with steel or PEEK pumpheads. Quaternary low pressure gradient pumps, isocratic and high-pressure gradient pumps, all of which can be used as stand alone modular units or fully computer controlled by the DataApex Clarity Chromatography Data Handling and Control software. A range of detectors, autosamplers, fraction collectors and HPLC-switching valves complete the HPLC program. The HPLC Classic Series is an earlier range of HPLC pumps and detectors. The Classic Series are available especially for customers who need compliance and connectivity with their excisting Sykam HPLC systems.

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Sykam Prep HPLC SystemSykam S 600 HPLC SystemSykam S 150 Ion Chromatograph

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