LC/HPLC Valves

With modern, analytical-, preparative-, high pressure or low pressure chromatography systems, flexibility of choice for any given flow-path dedicated for specific routines and applications can be realized by implementing manual or automatic switching valves.

Time saving by avoiding regular re-fitting of flow-paths and implementing automated switching routines as part of a dedicated chromatography method are among the advantages that can be realized by using switching valves in a chromatography system.

It is for these purposes that Sykam developed a complete range of switching valves entirely produced at the Sykam factory in Germany.

  • The Sykam S 6000 series is the range of high-pressure multi-port analytical and preparative switching valves and injection valves. The S 6000 valves are made of Stainless Steel or biocompatible versions made of PEEK. Each valve is available as manual valve or motorized valve
  • The Sykam S 6800 series is the range of maintenance free chemically inert low-pressure switching valves

All valves can be used manually or with a motorized actuator.

Please feel free to contact us for specialist support.

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