MCI Gel™ Reversed Phase Analytical & Preparative Chromatography Columns and Resins for Pharmaceutical Applications

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MCI Gel™ specializes in polymer based packing materials for reversed phase chromatography. The use of polymer based RP columns has become more widespread thanks to the unique selectivity of polymer matrixes. Non-specific adsorptions, as often observed with silicas, are absent due to the nature of the applied polymers. Operation with a wide pH range allowing the use of highly basic and acidic eluents and harsh cleaning conditions are, along with long lifetimes, the general recognised features of polymeric resins.

The MCI Gel™ reversed phase columns and resins are based on polystyrenic and polymethacrylate porous resins. The applications include pharmaceuticals, steroids, small peptides, amphoteric molecules such as sulfonamides and cephalosporin antibiotics, plus basic drugs, simple amines, antihistamines and carbamate pesticides.
These resins are available as packed columns for analytical and preparative use and as bulk packings for analytical, preparative and production scale chromatography applications.

The relative hydrophobicities (e.g. in comparision to ODS phases) of the resins are in following order:
CHP07 > CHP20 > CHPOD >= ODS >= CMG20

What follows on this page is the product list of available columns and resins.

Analytical and preparative chromatography columns for pharmaceutical applications

Art. Nr.Product NameDimensions ID x LParticle Size (µm)Resin TypepH Range
0404-05MCI Gel™ CHP20/C044.6 mm x 150 mm4Styrene/DVBwhole range
0401-03MCI Gel™ CHP20/C0420 mm x 150 mm4Styrene/DVBwhole range
0403-01MCI Gel™ CHP20/C104.6 mm x 250 mm10Styrene/DVBwhole range
0403-02MCI Gel™ CHP20/C1010 mm x 250 mm10Styrene/DVBwhole range
0403-03MCI Gel™ CHP20/C1020 mm x 150 mm10Styrene/DVBwhole range
0403-04MCI Gel™ CHP20/C1020 mm x 250 mm10Styrene/DVBwhole range

0405-01MCI Gel™ CHP07/C044.6 mm x 150 mm4Modified Styrene/DVBwhole range
0405-04MCI Gel™ CHP07/C0420 mm x 200 mm4Modified Styrene/DVBwhole range
0406-01MCI Gel™ CHP07/C104.6 mm x 250 mm10Modified Styrene/DVBwhole range
0406-02MCI Gel™ CHP07/C1010 mm x 250 mm10Modified Styrene/DVBwhole range
0406-03MCI Gel™ CHP07/C1020 mm x 150 mm10Modified Styrene/DVBwhole range
0406-04MCI Gel™ CHP07/C1020 mm x 250 mm10Modified Styrene/DVBwhole range

0402-05MCI Gel™ CMG20/C044.6 mm x 150 mm4Methacrylate2~12
0402-03MCI Gel™ CMG20/C0420 mm x 150 mm4Methacrylate2~12
0202-05MCI Gel™ CMG20/C104.6 mm x 250 mm10Methacrylate2~12
0202-02MCI Gel™ CMG20/C1010 mm x 250 mm10Methacrylate2~12
0202-03MCI Gel™ CMG20/C1020 mm x 150 mm10Methacrylate2~12
0202-04MCI Gel™ CMG20/C1020 mm x 250 mm10Methacrylate2~12

0504-01MCI Gel™ CHPOD/C044.6 mm x 150 mm4C18-alkylated aliphatics2~12
0504-04MCI Gel™ CHPOD/C0420 mm x 200 mm4C18-alkylated aliphatics2~12

 Analytical and preparative chromatography resins for pharmaceutical applications

Art. Nr.Product NamePack SizeResin TypeParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (nm)pH Range
1307-06MCI Gel™ CHP20/P2025 mlStyrene/DVB2045whole range
1307-07MCI Gel™ CHP20/P20100 mlStyrene/DVB2045whole range
1307-08MCI Gel™ CHP20/P201000 mlStyrene/DVB2045whole range

1305-06MCI Gel™ CHP20/P3025 mlStyrene/DVB3045whole range
1305-07MCI Gel™ CHP20/P30100 mlStyrene/DVB3045whole range
1305-08MCI Gel™ CHP20/P301000 mlStyrene/DVB3045whole range

1310-01MCI Gel™ CHP20/P50100 gStyrene/DVB5045whole range

1313-02MCI Gel™ CHP20/P70500 mlStyrene/DVB7045whole range
1313-03MCI Gel™ CHP20/P701000 mlStyrene/DVB7045whole range
1313-04MCI Gel™ CHP20/P7010 literStyrene/DVB7045whole range

1311-01MCI Gel™ CHP20/P120100 mlStyrene/DVB12045whole range
1311-02MCI Gel™ CHP20/P120500 mlStyrene/DVB12045whole range
1311-03MCI Gel™ CHP20/P1201000 mlStyrene/DVB12045whole range
1311-04MCI Gel™ CHP20/P12010 literStyrene/DVB12045whole range
1311-05MCI Gel™ CHP20/P12050 literStyrene/DVB12045whole range

1304-06MCI Gel™ CHP50/P2025 mlStyrene/DVB2025whole range
1304-07MCI Gel™ CHP50/P20100 mlStyrene/DVB2025whole range
1304-08MCI Gel™ CHP50/P201000 mlStyrene/DVB2025whole range

1303-06MCI Gel™ CHP50/P3025 mlStyrene/DVB3025whole range
1303-07MCI Gel™ CHP50/P30100mlStyrene/DVB3025whole range
1303-08MCI Gel™ CHP50/P301000 mlStyrene/DVB3025whole range

1312-01MCI Gel™ CSP50/P1010 gStyrene/DVB1025whole range
1312-03MCI Gel™ CSP50/P101000 mlStyrene/DVB1025whole range

1314-02MCI Gel™ CHP07/P120100 mlModified St/DVB12025whole range
1314-03MCI Gel™ CHP07/P1201000 mlModified St/DVB12025whole range
1314-04MCI Gel™ CHP07/P12010 literModified St/DVB12025whole range
1314-05MCI Gel™ CHP07/P12050 literModified St/DVB12025whole range

1309-01MCI Gel™ CMG20/P1010 gMethacrylate10252~12
1309-03MCI Gel™ CMG20/P101000mlMethacrylate10252~12

1306-06MCI Gel™ CMG20/P3025 mlMethacrylate30252~12
1306-07MCI Gel™ CMG20/P30100 mlMethacrylate30252~12
1306-08MCI Gel™ CMG20/P301000 mlMethacrylate30252~12

1308-02MCI Gel™ CMG20/P150100 mlMethacrylate150252~12
1308-03MCI Gel™ CMG20/P1501000 mlMethacrylate150252~12
1308-04MCI Gel™ CMG20/P15010 literMethacrylate150252~12
1308-05MCI Gel™ CMG20/P15050 literMethacrylate150252~12


MCI Gel™ Reversed Phase Analytical & Preparative Chromatography Columns and Resins for Pharmaceutical Applications

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