New product photography published

Fotowerk Potjes

It’s been a huge amount of work and demanding much dedication, but after many days of product photography we finally could update our web shop with new and fresh product images.

Many BioToolomics products are available in different sizes, with small cute bottles of 10 ml and larger bottles of 1 litre. As soon as you … Read more

Webshop getting ready

The Biokal webshop is getting ready, operational and is ready to supply chromatography media to customers throughout the EU. That’s probably good news for you, considering the current situation with COVID-19, being able to online order all the supplies you need.

After building a solid, modern and safe e-commerce foundation we started with the next chapter: … Read more

We’re welcoming BioToolomics as our newest supplier

BioToolomics, a company based in Newcastle, United Kingdom, has been added to our portfolio. The BioToolomics products comprise of a comprehensive range of agarose based chromatography media for biopurifications.

There are many new products to explore and to experiment with. We will offer you the complete BioToolomics catalog of resins and columns in the near future.

Biokal has moved to a new online platform

Biokal has moved to a new online server environment. Finally! This way we can provide more performance with up-to-date security. Also the CMS (content management system) has been changed, we upgraded to WordPress. This way we’re ready for future expansion, it’s way easier to enrich the website with new possibilities.

We could also simplify the menu … Read more


Supplying a wide range of chromatography media, industrial ion exchangers & adsorption resins

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Designing, developing and manufacturing of innovative process chromatography media & columns

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Analytical & preparative HPLC systems & valves, ion chromatography systems, dedicated amino acid analyzers

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Development of specialty silica gels for many industrial liquid chromatography applications

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Industrial purification using chromatography, electrodialysis, membrane filtration & crystallization

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