Resindion s.r.l. / Mitsubishi Chemical

, based in Binasco (Milan), Italy is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) supplying a wide range of chromatography media, industrial ion-exchangers and adsorption resins. As early as 1948 Mitsubishi started with the production of the world wide known brand of DIAION™ resins. Since the acquisition of Resindion in 1986 by MCC, there has been a strong development program that resulted in a product range covering analytical chromatography from small biomolecules up to industrial scale purification of large biomolecules and a comprehensive range of enzyme immobilisation resins for biocatalysis applications.

  • ReliChrom™ is a range of  low cost chromatography columns optimized for protein purifications. The ReliChrom™ columns are available as strong and weak ion-exchangers (IEX), hydrophobic interaction (HIC) and metal affinity chromatography columns (IMAC – IDA).
  • ReliSorb™ chromatography media for protein purfications for IEX, HIC and IMAC. Available with three bead sizes with an average bead size of 90, 150 or 300µm.
  • Sepabeads™ is a range of adsorption resins. Sepabeads™ are DVB/Styrenic resins and methacrylic resins widely used in refining of pharmaceuticals and natural extracts.