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Mitsubishi Sepabeads™ SP850 Synthetic Adsorbents Resin Data Sheet

SEPABEADS™ SP850 is a highly porous styrenic adsorbent. It has a much larger surface area and a narrower pore size distribution than DIAION™ HP20. It has also a smaller pore radius than SEPABEADS™ SP825L. It offers higher capacity for small molecules. This grade is recommended for adsorption, desalting and decolorization.

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Mitsubishi DIAION™ HP2MGL Synthetic Adsorbents Resin Data Sheet

DIAION™ HP2MGL is based on crosslinked methacrylate. It does not contain any aromatic compounds. It is considered an intermediate polarity adsorbent resin. It is recommended for desalting and adsorption of organic compounds of relatively high polarity by using the more hydrophilic character of the polymer matrix.

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Mitsubishi DIAION™ DSR03 Amphoteric Resin Data Sheet

DIAION™ DSR03 is a gel type amphoteric resin. It has both weakly acidic cation and strongly basic anion functionality. It is recommended for ion retardation chromatography and applied to removal of salts from organic solutions.

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