Reversed Phase Resins

Mitsubishi MCI GEL™ CHP Series Column Data Sheet

MCI Gel™ CHP series are suitable for RP and NP chromatography. There are four kinds of columns of various hydrophobicities: porous polystyrene, modified porous polystyrene, polymethacrylate and modified porous polymethacrylate. This range of packing materials offers tremendous scope for a proper selection of columns based on the properties of the target compounds.

Mitsubishi MCI GEL™ CHP20 & CHP50 Series Resin Data Sheet

MCI Gel™ CHP material series are chromatography materials of porous type polymers. Because polymeric materials are chemically stable, wide pH range, from acidic to alkaline eluents are able to be applied to MCI Gel™ CHP material series. MCI Gel™ CHP50 series and CHP20 series are both ST/DVB polymers, but they differ in porosity. Pore size … Read more


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