Mitsubishi/Resindion ReliChrom™ Pre-Packed Screening Columns Brochure

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Mitsubishi/Resindion ReliChrom™ Pre-Packed Screening Columns Brochure

ReliChrom™ pre-packed columns have been developed by Resindion to provide a practical and reliable tool to screen ReliSorb™ SS highly porous polymeric matrices in chromatographic bioseparations.

ReliChrom™ columns have been conceived for a possible direct connection to almost all standard LC and HPLC systems through UNF 10-32 male (1/16" male) fittings. Each column contains 5 ml of packed resin and the resin bed height is 100 mm.
These dimensions represent an excellent solution for the development of optimized purification methods.

ReliChrom™ column hardware is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 30 bar (430 psi) and for a 5 - 60 °C temperature range in operation.
Overall column dimensions are 11.5 mm (8 mm ID) x 135 mm (100 mm HR); each column is equipped with 17 μm frits.
All the components of ReliChrom™ columns are made of polymeric materials: polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HD-PE).

ReliChrom™ columns are chemically stable in all pH range (1 - 14), in high salt concentration buffer and in common solvents (avoid use of strong oxidizing agent and halogenated solvents).
Proper plug-stoppers are used to grant the packed media stability during storage time.

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