Mitsubishi/Resindion ReliChrom™ Pre-Packed Screening Columns Manual

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Mitsubishi/Resindion ReliChrom™ Pre-Packed Screening Columns Manual

ReliChrom™ pre-packed columns have been developed by Resindion to provide a practical and reliable tool to screen ReliSorb™ SS highly porous polymeric matrices in chromatographic bioseparations.

ReliChrom™ columns have been conceived for a possible direct connection to almost all standard LC and HPLC systems through UNF 10-32 male (1/16" male) fittings. Each column contains 5 ml of packed resin and the resin bed height is 100 mm.
These dimensions represent an excellent solution for the development of optimized purification methods and offer the possibility to increase the capacity by the connection of two columns in series.

ReliChrom™ column hardware is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 30 bar (430 psi) and for a 5 - 60 °C temperature range in operation.
Overall column dimensions are 11.5 mm (8 mm ID) x 135 mm (100 mm HR) and each column is equipped with 17 μm frits.
All the components of ReliChrom™ columns are made of polymeric materials: polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HD-PE).

ReliChrom™ columns are chemically stable in all pH range (1 - 14), in high salt concentration buffer and in common solvents (avoid use of strong oxidizing agent and halogenated solvents).
Proper plug-stoppers are used to grant the packed media stability during storage time.

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