S433 Amino Acid Analyzer control and data handling software

The S433 control and data handling software is based on the DataApex Clarity chromatography data station (CDS). Although the user is free to use any other CDS, the control software stores at all times the analysis, including all system parameters of the separation program including the actual buffer pressure, reagent pressure and column temperatures during the run. The S433 control and data handling software is FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant for use in GxP regulated laboratories. See some examples of the control software below.

Fig.1. The S433 Device Monitor screen shows the actual status of the key parameters during a run.
Fig.2. The data acquisition screen with the actual gradient visualized with a different color for each buffer as background of the running chromatogram.
Fig. 3. All method parameters are stored within the chromatogram datafile. Buffer gradient, column temperature gradient, integration and calculation parameters as well as the actual buffer- and reagent pressure and actual column temperature are recorded during the run. The buffer gradient program is shown here as one of the tabs of the method screen.
Fig.4. The column temperature program.
Fig. 5. Choosing to record additional signals: actual flow, buffer pressure, reagent pressure, column and reactor temperature.
Fig. 6. Example of a result screen.

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