Protein Chromatography for Industrial Applications

Maintaining economical feasability is an increasing challenge when chromatographic protein purification processes have to be translated into larger industrial scale purifications. For high added value proteins, small particle size resins can be applied only up to a certain volume before technical limitations (pressure drop/limited bed height) and economical criteria limit the process. For lower added value proteins, like for instance often found in food and dairy markets the economical aspects are even more challenging. For these types of situations Mitsubishi/Resindion proposes the ReliSorb™ 400 and ReliSorb™ 405/EB series of protein chromatography media.

The ReliSorb™ 400 and ReliSorb™ 405/EB chromatography resins are resins are based on highly hydrophilic macroporous methacrylates.

  • ReliSorb™ bead size:                           Type 400/SS 90µm, Type 400 120µm, Type 405/EB 300µm (mean diameter)
  • ReliSorb™ packs size are:                   250ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter, 25 liter and drums
  • ReliSorb™ ion-exchange:                    SP, CM, QA, DEAE
  • ReliSorb™ hydrophobic interaction:     Phenyl. Butyl, Octyl, Octadecyl
  • ReliSorb™ metal chelator (IMAC):       iminodiacetic acid
  • ReliSorb™ activated supports:             Epoxy, Hydroxyl, Short and long spacer arm primary amino groups 

ReliSorb™ resins can be purchased here at Biokal Labsystems.

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