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To support and develop purification processes for industrial applications Biokal represents Eurodia Industrie SA as local agent for the Netherlands. Eurodia is committed to supplying clients with reliable industrial solutions, built to meet demanding specifications, resulting in high quality ecomically feasible outcomes. Eurodia is a world wide acting company serving food, feedstuff, chemical, water and pharma industries with purification processes based on Chromatography, Electrodialysis, Membrane Filtration and Crystallization. Biokal supports and monitors industrial purification projects with technical guidance and optimal communication between customers in the Netherlands and Eurodia.

The Eurodia website contains extensive information on the technologies, products and services being offered. By choosing the link below, you will be forwarded to the relating pages of the Eurodia website.

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Industrial Purification Systems

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    Supplying a wide range of chromatography media, industrial ion exchangers & adsorption resins

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