MCI-Gel® columns and resins

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation serves the chromatography market since many years with MCI-Gel® Polymeric Columns and Resins. The MCI-Gel® product line offers analytical and preparative columns for protein purification, sugars and oligosacharides separations, and separation and purification of pharmaceuticals.

MCI-Gel® offers the chromatographist a full range of analytical and semi preparative columns for protein purfications:

  • Ion-exchange columns and resins. Unique hydrophilic ProtEx-DEAE and ProtEx-SP 5µm particle size high performance columns and the CQA anion-exchange and CQK cation exchange columns.
  • Size exclusion chromatography columns and resins (SEC) 7,5mm ID x600mm columns. Exclusion limits 1kD, 10kD, 1000kD.
  • Hydrophobic interaction chromatography columns and resins (HIC) with Phenyl, Butyl, or Ether as functional group.
  • Reversed Phase columns and resins. For the separation of pharmaceuticals and smaller biomolecules MCI-Gel® offers a range of analytical, preparative and production scale polymeric resins and columns for reversed phase chromatography.
  • For the separation of sugars and oligosacharides MCI-Gel® offers analytical and semi-preparative columns analogue to the industrial equivalent DIAION™ UBK-resins. These columns are ideally suited as method development and QA and QC monitoring tools for large scale applications.

For more information you can download the MCI-Gel brochure summarizing the available MCI-Gel resins or the complete MCI-Gel® catalogue on the left side of this page.

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