MCI-Gel® hydrophobic interaction chromatography columns and resins

The MCI-Gel hydrophobic interaction columns and resins are based on polyhydroxymethacrylate functionalised with Phenyl, Butyl or Ether. The relative hydrophobicity of these resins is as follows phenyl > butyl > ether. The columns are packed with 10µm bead size and the resins are available with bead sizes of 10µm and 30µm.

On this page: List of available columns and resins followed by some sample chromatograms.

CQH-S series hydrophobic interaction chromatography columns

Article Nr.Column TypeDimensions (mm)Particle size (µm)Functional group
0216-01MCI-Gel CQH3BS7.5×7510Butyl
0217-01MCI-Gel CQH3ES7.5×7510Ether
0218-01MCI-Gel CQH3PS7.5×7510Phenyl

CQH-series hydrophobic interaction chromatography resins

Article Nr.TypePacking sizeParticle size (µm)Pore size (nm)Functional group
1216-01MCI-Gel CQH3BS101060Butyl
1216-02MCI-Gel CQH3BS251060Butyl
1216-03MCI-Gel CQH3BS501060Butyl
1217-01MCI-Gel CQH3ES101060Ether
1217-02MCI-Gel CQH3ES251060Ether
1217-03MCI-Gel CQH3ES501060Ether
1218-01MCI-Gel CQH3PS101060Phenyl
1218-02MCI-Gel CQH3PS251060Phenyl
1218-03MCI-Gel CQH3PS501060Phenyl
1226-01MCI-Gel CQH3BP253060Butyl
1226-02MCI-Gel CQH3BP1003060Butyl
1226-03MCI-Gel CQH3BP1000 ml  !3060Butyl
1227-01MCI-Gel CQH3PP253060Phenyl
1227-02MCI-Gel CQH3PP1003060Phenyl
1227-03MCI-Gel CQH3PP1000 ml  !3060Phenyl

Sample chromatograms hydrophobic interaction columns and resins.

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