MCI-Gel® ion-exchange chromatography columns and resins for protein analysis and purification

The ProtEx columns are specifically designed to have lowest non-specific adsorption and high resolution for protein purifications. ProtEx columns are packed with a 5µm resin and available as strong cation exchanger (SP) and weak anion exchanger (DEAE). The CQA and CQK series of columns are high performance columns based on 10µm bead-size polyhydroxymethacrylate resins and available as strong and weak anion- and cation-exchangers (SP, CM, QA, DEAE). The CQA and CQK resins are available with a bead-size of 10µm and 30µm.

On this page you’ll find a list of the available columns and resins. For sample chromatograms of these columns you can download the PDF below.

IEX Chromatograms

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High Performance ProtEx columns
Art. Nr.Column nameDimensions ID x LColumn materialParticle Size (µm)Functional grouppH range
0146-03MCI-Gel ProtEx-DEAE4.6mm x 50mmPEEK5Diethylaminoethyl2~12
0146-04MCI-Gel ProtEx-DEAE7.5mm x 100mmPEEK5Diethylaminoethyl2~12
0037-03MCI-Gel ProtEx SP4.6mm x 50mmPEEK5Sulphopropyl1~13
0037-04MCI-Gel ProtEx SP7.5mm x 100mmPEEK5Sulphopropyl1~13
CQA, CQK series columns
Art. Nr.Column nameDimensions ID x LColumn materialParticle Size (µm)Functional grouppH range
0126-01MCI-Gel CQA31S7.5mm x 75mmStainless Steel10DEAE2~12
0130-01MCI-Gel CQA35S7.5mm x 75mmStainless Steel10QA2~12
0036-01MCI-Gel CQK30S7.5mm x 75mmStainless Steel10SP1~13
0038-01MCI-Gel CQK31S7.5mm x 75mmStainless Steel10CM1~13
CQA and CQK series of resins
Article Nr:Type  Packing size  Functional group  Particle size µm  Pore size nm  pH range
1126-01CQA31S10 gramDEAE1060<11
1126-02CQA31S25 gramDEAE1060<11
1126-03CQA31S50 gramDEAE1060<11
1127-01CQA31P100 mlDEAE3060<11

1130-01CQA35S10 gramQA10602~12
1130-02CQA35S25 gramQA10602~12
1130-03CQA35S50 gramQA10602~12

1036-01CQK30S10 gramSP10601~13
1036-02CQK30S25 gramSP10601~13
1036-03CQK30S50 gramSP10601~13
1037-01CQK30P100 mlSP30601~13

1038-01CQK31S10 gramCM1060>4
1038-02CQK31S25 gramCM1060>4
1038-03CQK31S50 gramCM1060>4
1039-01CQK31P100 mlCM3060>4
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