S 3210 UV/Vis Detector

The Sykam S 3210 UV/Vis Detector is a compact and robust single channel detector with optional scanning and photo-diode array (DAD) capabilities.

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The Sykam S 3210 single channel UV-Detector is a compact and robust UV/Vis detector with optional scanning and photo-diode array (DAD) capabilities. With a choice of micro-, analytical-, and preparative flow-cells, as Steel or PEEK version, together with analog inputs and outputs as well as digital inputs and outputs for complete PC-Control makes this detector a flexible and ideal partner for virtually any LC and HPLC system.

PDA Chromatogram
Example DataApex Clarity Diode Array data handling and control software

Additional information

Dimensions35,5 × 22,5 × 16 cm
Wavelength range

190 – 720 nm (Deuterium and Tungsten lamp)

Optical bandwidth

2 nm per diode

Peak detector

Integrated (for e.g. fraction collection control)

Wavelength steps

10 Programmable per run

Solvent recycling

Option by means of controlled 3-way valve

Start and autozero inputs

Analog (TTL)

Analog signal output


RS232 interface

Available, for full digital control and signal transfer

Fast wavelength scan

Optional (without flow interruption)

Diode Array Detection

Optional, full (with DataApex Clarity CDS)