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The Sykam S 3585 Refractive Index Detector with programmable flow-cell temperature control, thermal isolated optics and a choice of a micro, analytical or semi-preparative flow-cell makes the S 3585 RI Detector the universal choice for applications requiring highly stable and sensitive Refractive Index detection.

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The Sykam S 3585 RI Detector is the ideal Refractive Index Detector for a multitude of system configurations. With the the micro flow-cell (up to 3.0 ml/min), analytical flow-cell (up to 10 ml/min) or semi-preparative flow-cell (up to 50ml/min) and measuring ranges of up to 500 µRIU, 1000 µRIU and 20000 µRIU respectively, the detector offers highest sensitivity for microbore HPLC and highest dynamic measuring range for preparative applications. Along with the comprehensive connectivity – analog as well as digital – the S3585 RI Detector can be applied in virtually any chromatography system requiring refractive index detection.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 47,8 × 31 × 16,5 cm
Detection method


Refractive index range

1.00 – 1.75


0.2 – 3.0 ml/min (micro), 0.2 – 10.0 ml/min (analytical), 1.0 – 50 ml/min (semi-preparative)

Flowcell volume

4 µl, 45° angle (micro), 9 µl, 45° angle (analytical), 7 µl, 5° angle (semi-preparative)

Max flowcell pressure

6 kg/cm²

Dead volume

6 µl (micro), 24 µl (analytical), 88 or 353 µl (semi-preparative)

Linearity range

0 – 500 μRIU (micro), 0 – 1000 μRIU (analytical), 0 – 20000 μRIU (semi-preparative)

Noise level

10 nano-RIU (micro), 5 nano-RIU (analytical), 100 nano-RIU (semi-preparative)

Drift @ 1ml H2O/min

< 1mV/hour

Integrator output

± 1 V

Recorder output

± 10 mV full scale, ± 100 mV full scale, ± 1000 mV full scale

Recorder offset

0 mV, 10 mV, 100 mV

Digital interface

RS232, purge, autozero, start, stop, data-out: 1 Hz, 10 Hz

Trigger output

TTL: intensity alarm

Trigger input

TTL: purge, autozero, start, marker

Temperatur control

Ambient, 35°C – 55°C in 1 °C steps, thermal fuse 75°C

Time constant

RAW (0.0 sec.), fast (0.4 sec.), medium (0.8 sec.), slow (1.2 sec.)

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