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The Sykam S 5300 Sample Injector with extra small footprint is an ideal partner for automating virtually any HPLC system that needs to be upgraded with an autosampler.

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The Sykam S 5300 Sample Injector with a sample capacity of 60 standard (12 x 32 mm) vials or 96 with a microtiter plate, is the smallest of the three autosamplers of the Sykam HPLC range. The small footprint of only 396 x 275 x 478 mm (HxWxD) in combination with excellent specifications and almost maintenance free mechanics makes this autosampler an ideal partner for automating not only Sykam HPLC systems but virtually any HPLC system that needs to be upgraded with an autosampler.

Additional information

Dimensions 47,8 × 27,5 × 39,6 cm
Sampling system

X-Y-Z operation with direct needle to valve injection

Variable injection volume

0.1 – 999.9 µl

Injection modes

fixed-loop, variable loop, zero waste injection


Double needle, pierce septum before entering sample needle

Pre-column derivatisation


Sample dilution possibility


Accessible without removing covers

Injection valve, dosing syringe


As stand-alone unit, full PC-control

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