MCI-Gel® ion-chromatography columns and resins

The MCI-Gel® ion chromatography columns are based on functionalized cation and anion exchange resins specially designed for Non-Suppressed Ion Chromatography applications. Non-Suppressed Ion Chromatography is facilitated by the combination of a column based on low-capacity ion exchange resin and an eluent with low electrolyte concentration.

  • The MCI-Gel® SCK01 Cation chromatography column is based on a crosslinked polystyrene resin functionalized with sulfonic acid. The SCK01 columns are available in two sizes, 6x50mm and 4.6x150mm, providing excellent resolution and fast analysis of monovalent and divalent cations. Standard monovalent ions like Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Rb+, Cs+ and simple amines such as mono-, di-, and trimethylamine can be resolved using a nitric acid solution as eluent. Divalent cations, such as alkaline earth metals and transition metal elements, can be efficiently resolved using tartaric acid and a complexing agent such as ethylen diamine to selectively elute the metals from the column. When using the SCK01 column for monovalent ions it is advised to use the SCK-PC pre-column to trap any possible heavy metals in order to avoid losing capacity and chromatographic performance. Check the PDF below for sample chromatograms.
  • The MCI-Gel® SCA04 Anion chromatography column is based on a hydrophilic 5µm particle size polyhydroxymethacrylate resin functionalized with quaternary ammonium groups. The SCA04  is a PEEK column (6x150mm). A solution of potassium hydrogen phtalate and a vanilic acid (VA)/N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) can be used as an eluent. The VA/MDEA eluent is specifically developed for the SCA04 column enabling the analysis of 7 standard anions in 14 minutes without any system peak. To extend the column life it is advised to use the SCA-PC pre-column between the eluent pump and the injector. Check the PDF below for sample chromatograms.
  • The SCK01 and SCA04 resins are also available as packing material in 5 and 10 gram packing size, for self packing of columns.


Art.Nr.Column NameDimensions ID x LColumn MaterialResin – particle sizeAnalysis
0034-01MCI-Gel SCK016mm x 50mmStainless SteelST/DVB – 11µmCations
0034-04MCI-Gel SCK014.6mm x 150mmStainless SteelST/DVB – 11µmCations
0034-21SCK-PC pre column6mm x 50mmStainless SteelST/DVB – 11µmCations
0133-02MCI-Gel SCA046mm x 150mmPEEKHMA – 5µmAnions
013312SCA04G guard column4.6mm x 30mmPEEKHMA – 5µmAnions
0130-22SCA-PC8mm x 10mmStainless SteelAnions


Art.Nr.NamePacking sizeResinFunctional groupCounter ionParticle sizeExchange capacity
1034-01SCK01 resin5 gramST/DVBRSO3H+11µm25µeq/g
1034-02SCK01 resin10 gramST/DVBRSO3H+11µm25µeq/g
1133-01SCA04 resin5 gramHMAQACl5µm30µeq/g
1133-02SCA04 resin10 gramHMAQACl5µm30µeq/g
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