Protein Chromatography

Protein purification strategies often involve several chromatography steps. For analytical method development, preparative purification and scale-up, Biokal offers a complete range of chromatography media and columns starting with bead sizes of 5µm up to 300µm.

With four product lines:

  • MCI-Gel® high resolution columns and resins based on methacrylate, hydroxymethacrylate and styrenic polymers
  • WorkBeads™ Agarose based chromatography resins and columns
  • ReliChrom™  chromatography columns based on hydrophylic methacrylate resins
  • ReliSorb™, chromatography resins based on hydrophylic methacrylate

Biokal supplies the materials for virtually any protein purification strategy.

For a product list you can download our comprehensive Biopurification Media Summary (pdf-file), covering ion-exchange, size exclusion, hydrofobic interaction and chelating media.