Ion Exchange

WorkBeads™ 40 ion exchange media for Preparative and Bioprocess Scale Purification of Proteins.

  • WorkBeads™ type S are strong cation exchangers with Sulphonic Acid (SP) as functional ionic group.
  • WorkBeads™ type Q are strong anion exchangers with Quaternary Amine (QA) as functional ionic group.
  • WorkBeads™ type DEAE are weak anon exchangers with Di-Ethylaminoethyl (DEAE) as functional ionic group.

Technical data sheets can be downloaded on the lower left side of this page or in the download section of this website. Ordering information: table below.

Art.Nr.DescriptionMean particlesizeFunctionalGroupIonicCapacityTypicalCapacitySize /VolumePrice €

40.100.001WorkBeads 40 Q40QA0.18-0.26 mmol/mlBSA 130mg/ml25ml138,–
40.100.002WorkBeads 40 Q40QA0.18-0.26 mmol/mlBSA 130mg/ml200ml442,–
40.100.010WorkBeads 40 Q40QA0.18-0.26 mmol/mlBSA 130mg/ml1000mlinquire
40.100.050WorkBeads 40 Q40QA0.18-0.26 mmol/mlBSA 130mg/ml5000mlinquire

40.150.001WorkBeads 40 DEAE40DEAE0.10-0.16 mmol/mlBSA 96 mg/ml25ml138,–
40.150.002WorkBeads 40 DEAE40DEAE0.10-0.16 mmol/mlBSA 96 mg/ml200ml442,–
40.150.010WorkBeads 40 DEAE40DEAE0.10-0.16 mmol/mlBSA 96 mg/ml1000mlinquire
40.150.050WorkBeads 40 DEAE40DEAE0.10-0.16 mmol/mlBSA 96 mg/ml5000mlinquire

40.200.001WorkBeads 40 S40SP0.18-0.26 mmol/mlIgG 70 mg/ml25ml138,–
40.200.002WorkBeads 40 S40SP0.18-0.26 mmol/mlIgG 70 mg/ml200ml442,–
40.200.010WorkBeads 40 S40SP0.18-0.26 mmol/mlIgG 70 mg/ml1000mlinquire
40.200.050WorkBeads 40 S40SP0.18-0.26 mmol/mlIgG 70 mg/ml5000mlinquire

Prices net price excluding VAT, FOB Benelux, prices valid for Benelux countries only