ReliSorb™ Chromatography media

ReliSorb™ is a range of highly porous, highly hydrophilic resins, available in three bead sizes. The range covers preparative scale applications up to industrial scale as well as expanded bed applications.

  • ReliSorb™ bead size:                           Type 400/SS 90 µm,  Type 400 120µm,  Type 405/EB 300µm (mean diameter)
  • ReliSorb™ pack sizes are:                   250ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter and 25 liter.
  • ReliSorb™ ion-exchange:                    SP, CM, QA, DEAE
  • ReliSorb™ hydrophobic interaction:     Phenyl, Butyl, Octyl, Octadecyl
  • ReliSorb™ metal chelator (IMAC):       Iminodiacetic acid
  • ReliSorb™ activated supports:             Epoxy, Hydroxyl, Short and long spacer arm Primary Amino group

For ordering information please download the ReliSorb manual on the left side of this page.

ReliSorb™ resins can be purchased at the Resindion’s Webshop at or at Biokal Labsystems.

For further information you can download the ReliChrom™ brochure, manual and technical datasheets on the left side of this page.