Sykam S3580 Refractive Index detector

The S3580 Differential Refractive Index detector offers high sensitivity, stability and reproducibility for optimal refractive index detection for HPLC applications. The thermally well isolated optics with a countercurrent heat exchanger and programmable temperature control guarantees stable baselines and optimal signal to noise ratio needed for sensitive refractive index detection.


S3580 Refractive Index Detector

  • Detection method by deflection
  • Refractive Index range 1.0 to 1.75
  • Flowrate range: 0,2-3,0ml (micro-), 0,2-3,0ml (analytical-), 1,0-50,0ml (preparative)
  • Flowcell Volume: 4µl, 45o(micro), 9µl, 45o(analytical), 7µl, 5o (preparative)
  • Max flowcell pressure 6kg/cm2
  • Dead volume: 6µl (micro), 24µl (analytical), 88µl or 353µl (preparative)
  • Linearity range: 0-500 µRIU (micro), 0-1000 µRIU (analytical), 0-20.000 µRIU (preparative)
  • Temperature setting: ambient or 35oC to 55oC by 1oC steps