Sykam S4011 Column Temperature Controller

The S4011 is an HPLC and LC column temperature controller that has a temperature range of +5 degr.C up to +70 degr.C. Therefore the S4011 is not just for operating at temperatures above ambient as one would expect with ordinary column ovens but also for exact temperature control well below ambient down to 5 degrees Celsius. The S4011 is a heavy-duty extremely robust column temperature controller, which is just already illustrated by the weight of 9.4kg for the oven only and, 6.3kg for the controller! Apart from fixed temperature setting on the controller unit, running column temperature gradients is possible by external analog control. The S4011 belongs without doubt to the best HPLC column temperature controllers available on the market.


S4011 column temperature controller

  • Temperature regulation by integrated high capacity peltier elements
  • Chamber size: 35x35x300mm
  • Temperature range: +5oC to +70oC
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-0,5oC
  • Temperature stability: +/- 0,1oC
  • Safety: Gas sensor and overheat protection