Sykam S5200 Autosampler

The S5200 autosampler is a robust advanced autosampler. With a sample capacity of 120 samples and a range of options this autosampler can be configured for specific needs ranging from simple fixed loop injection up to temperature controlled sample racks, variable loop injection, pre-column derivatisation and a bio-inert PEEK version for (bio-)chromatography.

S5200 Autosampler
  • Sampling system: X-Y-Z operation, with direct needle to injection-port sample loading
  • Fixed sample loop or variable loop injection version programmable with 1┬Ál steps
  • Sample capacity analytical version: 120 samples with two trays of 60 positions
  • Sample capacity preparative version: 48 samples with two trays of 24 positions for 5ml vials
  • Stainless Steel (standard) or optional PEEK / FEP bio-inert version, including bio-inert needle!
  • Optional pre-column derivatisation for up to three reagents
  • Optional temperature control with a temperature range from 4oC up to 70oC
Injection needle at injection port
Injection valve, syringe dosing and washing system