ReliChrom™ 5ml, 8x100mm preparative protein chromatography columns

The ReliChrom™ Chromatography columns are small preparative columns packed with macroporous hydrophilic methacrylate resins of 90µm bead size for ion-exchange-, hydrophobic interaction- and metal chelate chromatography.

ReliChrom™ columns are ideally suited for general small scale protein purifications and for method development and screening for larger scale purifications with the ReliSorb™ range of chromatography resins.

ReliChrom™ columns can be purchased at Resindion’s Webshop and for Benelux customers directly at Biokal Labsystems as well.

You can download the ReliChrom™ brochure, manual and the specific datasheets of each column on the lower left side of this page.

Ordering information: Prices excluding VAT, free delivered within the Benelux.

Art. Nr.DescriptionMean particlesize (µm)FunctionalGroupIonic capacity /functional densityPrice exVAT
011748ReliChrom CM400/SS90CM>0.15 meq/ml€ 222,–
013748ReliChrom SP400/SS90SP>0.1 meq/ml€ 212,–
023748ReliChrom DA400/SS90DEAE>0,3 meq/ml€ 212,–
024748ReliChrom QA400/SS90QA>0.3 meq/ml€ 222,–
032748ReliChrom BU400/SS90Butyl (HIC)20-30 µmol/ml€ 222,–
034748ReliChrom PH400/SS90Phenyl (HIC)20-30 µmol/ml€ 222,–
033749ReliChrom OD400/SS90Octadecyl (HIC)15-20 µmol/ml€ 238,–
012748ReliChrom IDA400/SS90Iminodiacetic acid100 µmol/ml Ni2+€ 222,–

Below: ReliChrom SP400/SS Column. Example Lactoferrin purification.

Below: ReliChrom QA400SS Column. Example of  elution profile of BSA after  loading with 12BV of (10g/l BSA) with different flow rates. 

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