Sykam S500 HPLC-Series

The S500 HPLC-Series of instruments are designed to allow configuration of a complete automated HPLC in a “tower-concept” with a small footprint, taking up as little as possible laboratory bench space. With a choice of manual control or complete system control by means of USB-connection to a PC with control software, the S500 series of instruments allows flexible configuration for a multitude of HPLC applications.

The S500 HPLC systems is pricewise an entry level HPLC system, but without compromise on system quality:

The S500 HPLC is build around stainless steel housings with aluminium covers.

  • The Pump mechanics are of the same high quality as the more advanced Sykam HPLC-pumps from the S600 series and the classic line S2100 pump. The available configurations are: isocratic or  low pressure quaternary gradient with adjustable mixing volume and dynamic mixer and optional build-in degasser. A high pressure binary gradient system can be configured by using two pumps.
  • The UV-Detector is availabe as a one or two-channel detector with high quality optics and optional in-line scanning possibility.
  • The Autosampler with an easy to remove stainless steel sample rack for vial loading is build as a robust reliable autosampler with direct needle to valve injection minimizing dead volumes and sample loss.

The S500 preliminary brochures are available on the left side of this page and in the download section of this website.