Sykam S1610 dual syringe LC pump

The S1610 dual syringe LC pump uses two exchangeable glass syringes which are driven by a stepper motor. The dual syringe design allows a continuous and almost pulsation free flow of eluents with even high viscosity, which would cause poor performance of plunger pumps with standard checkvalves. The S1610 pump is not an HPLC pump, but ideally suited for applications with high salt buffers or liquids with high viscosity. The pressure range of the S1610 pump is up to 20 bars. The S1610 is ideally suited for liquid chromatography applications like LC or FPLC types of preparative protein chromatography where the flow stability, pulsation and pressure range of peristaltic pumps are problematic.


S1610 Dual Syringe pump

  • Delivery system: Alternating dual syringe system
  • Syringe volume: interchangeable 100µl up to 10ml syringes
  • Flowrate: 800µl/min up to 80ml/min depending on syringe volume
  • Maximum pressure: 20 bar
  • External control: analog voltage control
S1610 Dual syringe pump – principle of operation